A previous bus experience

I know I have had A LOT of experiences on the buses of Vanuatu. It is frustrating at times and downright funny at other times. Here’s another Friday evening bus story.

My small brother and I left work really late. It was the Friday of October 4, 2013. I had asked him to come so he could help me carry stuff home. Well, as things worked out, we left work at 6:00pm. On the roadside beside Wan Smolbag Theatre, we started the arduous task of stopping buses. Two guys, trying to stop a bus to Beverly Hills at Tagabe is an exercise in futility.

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Matevulu and WW2

The assumptions in this piece stem from the map below.santo001When people hear of the name Matevulu, their minds switch automatically to Matevulu College – the school- or to the beautiful, cool blue holes (there are two of them). As a school, it has educated many a citizen of Vanuatu, some even now leaders in the Vanuatu government. Others have invested their time in activities that have in an indirect way, collectively built up Vanuatu. The blue holes have offered a place for cooling down on a hot day, or an energetic paddle up and down the two rivers in a kayak.

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Scholarships Office and Failing Students

It was January of 1999. I was all excited about traveling overseas for the first time on scholarship. I had been shortlisted the previous year to do my first year of studies at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. I was properly excited.

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Is technology killing kastom?

The stories of how technology would be used to preserve Kastom seems to be headed to another direction. The initial plans in that regard involved the use of technology, not only to preserve our cultural and kastom practices, but more importantly to involve the population in actively practicing it. Well, that has not been the case.

Why so?

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Joseph Thomas: An artist worthy of his brush

I stood and watched as he moved the brush effortlessly and efficiently, leaving behind trails of orange. He had been tasked with painting the “Sounds of Hope” logo at the Saralana stage and he accepted to do it as a volunteer. A veteran artist hailing from the North-western part of Malekula, his strokes have been witnessed in a lot of paintings pertaining to the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He works at Au Bon Marché at Nambatu, but more people know him as an artist. His name is Joseph Thomas.

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Kakae Rat! A multi-dimensional perspective

Wan Smolbag Theatre’s new play “Kakae Rat” pushes boundaries which writer Jo Dorras has never delved into as she has been penning scenes of drama in WSB’s past plays. While there have been community plays which required unconventional characters – like the one play about the environment which involved robots – there has never been a major production that drives our imaginations into multiple dimensions as Kakae Rat has, with its seemingly unconventional characters – the rats!

After watching the play from beginning to end, the director, Peter Walker, asked me what I though about it. All I could say was, “Oh, it was nice!” That might not have been what the director wanted to hear, but I was too preoccupied to give him anything else.

What was I preoccupied with?

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