Your spite for who we are makes you hideous!

Your lack of understanding makes me sick!

You purport to represent the Higher Being

Yet you misrepresent His sovereignty

Who are you?


You curse the rest of us for being lowly

You point out our mistakes for trying to care

You show us the wrongs that were not intended

You run ahead, looking back, not caring

Who are you?


Your diction runs hither and yon, nowhere

You are drunk on your self-righteousness

You slight the needs of my people

Those who would support your efforts

Who are you?


You come to my land, preach to my good reason

You sully my confidence on ruthless untruths

Your interpretation of Divinity utterly off course

You sing a lullaby to your ignorant followers

Who are you?


Now you rally, now you tarry, oh it’s sad

For I can see your foolhardiness through and through

But I marvel at your deceptions and lies

Which doth mislead them that know not

Pray tell me