Romans 6:1 says “What shall we say then? Shall we go on sinning, so that grace may increase?” Think of that! What if that were true? This world would look like those dead scenes in “War of the worlds” right now. Then verse 2 says “By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?”

Wow! “We died to sin…”! Now digest that! I hope we all understand what sin is. For those of youse who aren’t initiated yet, sin is “the transgression of the law”. And what is law? Mmmm… now we are all stumped! And I am in no mood to discuss religious stuff that will sound like hocus-pocus to mos of y’all out there.

Yet to the simple mind, breaking of God’s law is simply doing what God forbids us to do. Take cursing (swearing) for example. You yell expletives at someone because they’ve hurt your feelings… Heh! Does it make you feel better or worse? As a Christian, I would feel very hurt if I cursed someone. I know that what I did is wrong, so I know that I have sinned.

And you know those other times when you’ve done something and known that you shouldn’t have done it, but you did it anyways – and then you feel all regretful and remorseful about it? Heh! That’s sin! You gotta know, dude, that’s sin!

And do you know what makes you realize that you’ve sinned? Or rather, I should ask, do you know WHO makes you become remorseful? It’s the Holy Spirit! That is God’s agent working in our lives. It’s the Spirit that lives in us that tells us when something is good or not. Some of us call it conscience, yeah that’s true. God, through the Holy Spirit, uses that to teach us to understand that things that are from God.

Read John 16:5-16. It talks about who the Holy Spirit is, and what He is doing in our lives. So ok, you realize you’ve sinned. What should you do? My oh my! That’s the best part. When we realize that we’ve sinned, we become dependent on the blood of Jesus Christ to wash away our sins. And how to we get that blood to wash our sins?

Well, 1 John 1:9 says; “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all our unrighteousness.” This means that if we do something that we wish we hadn’t done, we should talk about it to God (through prayer of course) and tell Him that we are sorry. And then, ask Him to forgive us. That’s the beauty of it y’all. If you are truly sorry, He will forgive you.

But then, you do the same thing again… Oh man, why doesn’t this just end here? Do I have to tell you that you’ll sin again? Well, real-life awaits you! When you sin, confess, and ask for forgiveness, you are opening up new avenues for the devil to make sure you sin again. That’s the harsh truth about being a Christian. If you bear Christ’s name, you are in for a day to day battle with Christ’s number one enemy – Satan!

So that “serpent of old” will throw that same sin – or some others – your way and you’ll be back in second base – confessing, and then third base – asking for forgiveness. But we are thankful for what is called “Grace”. Romans 3:23-24 says; “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

This means that when we sin, we MUST come back to Christ and repeat the cycle of confession and forgiveness. It’s a daily routine. It should be a lifestyle, because we live in a world full of sin. Sin engulfs us when we wake up and lingers in the vicinity of our dead bodies while we lie ourselves down to sleep. There’s no way of escaping it.

But there’s a caution here. WE MUST NEVER CHERISH SIN! In other words, we should throw away our (sinful) addictions!  Romans 6:1-2, talks about this. Just because God offers us His grace freely through Jesus Christ doesn’t mean we should take it for granted. We MUST NOT take God’s grace for granted.

There’s the mentality that when you are faced with a potentially sinful situation, we think – “oh, i’ll just do it and ask God for forgiveness later”. Mmm…. that’s dangerous thinking – because you might never have the time to ask God to forgive you. So what should you do? Well, get yourself out of that situation! Simple as that!

Let’s not let sin cloud our minds sooooo much that we compromise our mentality with regards to God’s grace. Let’s hold it dear – because it is the only way that we can come to God and ask Him to forgive us one more time!

God bless you!