This is based on an actual rape case committed by a convicted rapist.

I walk into the house and see her lying there. Naked. My initial, fatherly thought was to cover her up – she being my 7 year old stepdaughter and all. As I move towards her, my animistic instincts kick in – here’s a naked girl!

My mind blurred as my groins stirred. My blood became hot as I moved toward the sleeping child. I had no control over the sensual emotions that took over. The little girl, lying there – trusting and sleeping.

She had come to trust me as her de-facto father. She trusted her mother and so trusted me, as her mother’s new husband. Heck, she even called me daddy. None of that mattered as I looked at her smooth skin and the welcoming crevice between her legs.

I soothed her and took what was her’s. She cried, but my soothing words kept her quiet. My lies made her believe that she was ‘pleasing’ daddy. My intentions became pleasantly fulfilling – at the climax of my sensuous throes. The girl, now damaged beyond repair, coiled into a heap on the mat and cried silently.

I am now released from prison. I served a mere 5 years. I am forever ashamed of what I did. My wife left me, now I am popularly known as a rapist. I beat myself up for those wasted 5 minutes. The 5 minutes of short-lived pleasure that took away that little one’s innocence.

And that is my story.