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More than 500 Seventh-Day Adventist Youth in Port Vila joined other 8 million Adventist Youth around the world involving in “act of kindness” to people in their communities. Sabbath march 16 th 2013, is world youth day program initiated by  the Leaders of the SDA World Church.

The program starts at 7 AM with briefing at Epauto Church then the youth disperse in 10 groups to various locations in town to help people. Pr Charlie Jimmy, Seventh-Day Adventist Mission youth director said ” every Sabbath we hear sermon after sermon, this Sabbath is different. The youth won’t preach a sermon but they are to “be the sermon” showing what we preach in church” he said.

Dressed in white, blue, and yellow shirt with their theme “be the sermon” printed on, they come gather together at Epauto church for briefing. Efate District Pastor, John Leeman, Mission Youth Director Pastor Charlie and Efate Youth and Pathfinder leaders instructed the youth and encouraged them that ” be the sermon” should be a lifestyle. They go out in groups to help people they find on the road starting from Chantilly’s to Namba 3 area.They give out bus fares, water bottle with Bible verse, fruits, soft drinks, clothing, kitchen items, Holy Bible, devotional reading books and they also sing and prayer with people.
An old man who received a Bible from Epauto Ambassadors said ” he has been praying for a Bible and on that Saturday morning he walked to town not knowing that his need would be answered”. He thanked the Ambassadors for his new Bible.

As part of helping people, on Sabbath afternoon 27 youth donated blood to help Vila Central Hospital blood bank. Blood Specialist Dexter Takau, officer in charge of blood bank said ” the blood bank is at zero, there is no blood in the hospital’s blood bank.” Dexter said ” it is a great need, each day 10 people would be in shortage of blood especially those with cervical cancer, anemia and patient under going big operation”.

A youth from Teouma Ville, Rean Terry said ” he donated blood because the doctors said they really need blood, so he is doing it  to save life”. Dexter and Ezra Talo two of the medical laboratory specialist who are at Epauto for the blood donation said ” the youth’s help in blood donation is what the hospital need and they thanked all the youth who donated their blood to save lives”.

Attached photo of one of the youth groups giving bus fare to and elderly man after praying with him.

Its on today’s paper. A brief coverage of the program will be on Hope TV Vanuatu tomorrow.

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