Vanuatu’s new Cabinet as of March 23, 2013

Prime Minister Moana :: Honorable Carcasses Kalosil
DPM & Minister of Foreign Affairs & External Trade :: Honorable Edward Natape
Minister of Agriculture, FQF :: Honorable David Tosul
Minister of Education :: HonorableBob Loughman
Minister of Finance and Economic Managment :: Honorable Willy Jimmy
Minister of Health :: Honorable Serge Vohor
Minister of Infrastructure, PI & PSC :: Honorable Esmon Simon
Minister of Internal Affairs :: Honorable Patrick Crowby
Minister of Justice and Social Welfare :: Honorable Maki Simelum
Minister of Lands, Geology and Mines :: Honorable Ralph Regenvanu
Minister of Sports :: Honorable Tony Wright
Minister of Planning and Climate Change :: Honorable Thomas Laken
Minister of Tourism :: Honorable Marcelino Pipite