The struggle for independence for West Papua as championed by Benny Wenda is worth our support. The rest of the world must rally behind this gentleman to bring awareness to the world about the plight of the innocent lives that are being taken from the land in West Papua.
Have a heart people! Stand behind the support for a people oppressed for decades! Show your humanity!

Free West Papua :: Papua Merdeka

ImageThe Indonesian Government has been found guilty of abusing the Interpol system for political purposes, following an landmark case. Interpol have now removed a red notice issued against West Papua independence leader, Benny Wenda.

Interpol’s investigation found that the allegations made by the Indonesian Government against Mr Wenda were without foundation or evidence, and were simply an abuse of the system to silence a peaceful political activist.

Mr Wenda is now free to travel internationally again, spreading the word to people all over the world about the genocide that Indonesia is committing in West Papua. Now the focus can shift to the criminal actions of the Indonesian Government which has left over 500,000 innocent people dead in West Papua.

An interpol arrest warrant for the Indonesian President may be just around the corner.

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