This spite I feel for one who thought I would bring him riches
This disgust I have at the thought of being controlled
I never asked to be part of this life you think I owe you
There was never a chance of any life apart from this
I wake to the heavy cloud over my head, waiting for me
I make up stories to quiet my senses that you are not
But you are here, always reminding that you exist
How do I get away from an existence I chose not
How do I run away from this life that drags me deeper
Into a void that is so dark and soul-less, yea, unending
This life I live was not my own to begin with
But I long to have my own, to live my own, to be my own
Aye, the spite I feel comes deep inside where darkness reigns
The anchor that holds me down by giving me nothing
I offer nothing to nobody
I ask of you but one thing
Do let me go, let me be
For what you want is not
No, it is not with me!