Okay I thought about ranting this morning. About one thing in particular, namely, bus drivers stopping to refill their tanks with passengers on board!

Well it all started when I woke up and the rain was pouring down outside. The previous night I had resolved to walk to work today, and then I wake up to a downpour outside. I yelled out a lazy expletive and fell back into bed. Oh well, never mind the walk.

But then the rain didn’t stop for two hours! That made me anxious and cranky. And to top if all off, Unelco, the local water company, decided to cut off my water! Dammit! No shower today, but washed my face in the rain instead.

Walking through mud and thick, wet grass I walked to the road and waited for a bus. No bus wanted to pick me up so I walked for about 1km in the rain before one stopped and I hopped on.

By now I think I am on my way to work but then we pick up six people on the road. Inside, I am fuming. I know I will be late again today. I plug my earpieces into my ears, turn on the music in my phone and force myself to think happy thoughts.

And just when I was becoming positive about this whole disadvantage, the bus driver takes a turn into the first fuel station we come across. I heave a heavy sigh of resignation and frustration and think of the stuff I would say to the relevant authorities if I had the chance. Here’s what I came up with:

  • It is NOT the passengers problem that your bus has no fuel
  • It is certainly NOT in the best interest of the customer for you to refill your fuel when there are passengers already in the damn bus
  • There should be fines for such stupidity
  • What if there is a fire? What if there is an explosion? Do you guarantee the safety of your passengers if anything drastic were to happen?
  • What if a passenger becomes ill because of the fumes they breathe in at the station?
  • … and while you are at the station, turn of the f^&*#@! engine!

But really, there should be a law against this. It is not safe and definitely not productive!

Go figure!