This post is an edited version of this post from the Vanuatu Indigenous Watch blog.

The Vanuatu Government’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mr. Kiery Manassah said that the current leader of the opposition, Hon Moana Carcasses Kalosil has purposefully trapped the other 15 Opposition MPs who may be facing criminal charges for breaches of the Leadership Code.

Mr Manassah said that Mr Carcasses Kalosil has deceived these 15 MPs. He said that Mr Carcasses Kalosil knew that if he did not transfer VT1 Million into each of the accounts of  these fifteen MPs, he would be a lone wolf facing reprimand should the government ever found out about the VT35 Million that was deposited into his bank account.

Police investigations and bank details show that Mr Carcasses Kalosil brought the names of the 15 MPs to the bank on October 29 and authorized the bank to transfer VT1 Million to the private accounts of all 15 MPs. On October 30 the bank acted on Mr Carcasses Kalosil’s request and transferred the amount requested to the 15 MPs’ private bank accounts.

Mr Manassah said that the moment the bank made the transfers, the other 15 MPs became trapped by Mr Carcasses Kalosil. Mr Manassah said that Mr Carcasses has spread his guilt when he requested the bank to transfer VT1 Million each, into the accounts of the 15 MPs.

The result of this blatant breach of the Leadership Code is 15 currently rich MPs who are now facing a motion to suspend them in tomorrow’s Parliament sitting.