This post is an edited version of this post from the Vanuatu Indigenous Watch blog.

The Opposition of the Vanuatu parliament deposited a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister, Hon Joe Natuman last Friday.

There is no clear reason behind the motion but an opposition source said that one of the reason is the termination of Maurice Michel as the chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC).
Mr Michel was appointed by the former Prime Minister who is the the current leader of the opposition, Mr Moana Carcasses Kalosil. Mr Michel was terminated by the Natuman government and replaced by a Mr Kanam Wilson.

The office of the Speaker of Parliament said that the motion has been signed by the 22 Members of Parliament in the Opposition and it is scheduled to be debated on Thursday this week. Vanuatu Parliament’s standing orders require only nine signatures during an ordinary session of parliament. The session that is being held this month is an ordinary one.

The opposition needs an additional five members of the parliament to have a simple majority of 27 MPs in order to topple the current Natuman’s government.

PRO to the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr Kiery Manassah said that Natuman’s government is intact and is ready to defeat the opposition’s motion. He said that there is no need for the government to worry about Mr Carcasses Kalosil’s motion because parliament will suspend him and with an additional 15 MPs from the Opposition bloc tomorrow afternoon for breach of the Leadership Code. This will leave the opposition with only 6 MPs in contrast to the 30 who are on the government’s side.

The 15 MPs have recently received VT1 Million each, as bribes from the Greens Confederation of Mr Carcasses Kalosil.

Mr Carcasses Kalosil has maintained that the VT1 Million is not a bribe but a loan to help the MPs concerned with their community development projects.