The motion to suspend sixteen members of the Vanuatu Parliament has passed during the ordinary session of parliament at 4:30pm, on November 25, 2014.

The votes from the floor was 27 for the motion, 22 against and 1 abstension. It was not clear why one member of parliamnet decided to abstain from voting.

After the votes were counted, the 16 MPs from the opposition bloc, including the Opposition Leader, Moana Carcasses, were asked to leave the parliament chambers and not return until the first ordinary session of parliament in 2015. The dates will be set towards the end of March, 2015.

The sixteen MPs have been outed and ousted for reasons of bribery. It has become public knowledge in Vanuatu that Moana Carcasses authorized bank authorities to transfer monies of VT1 Million from his private account to the private accounts of 15 MPs from the opposition bloc. These were purported to be loans for development projects by the 15 MPs concerned.

Whether the sixteen MPs will bring their cases to court is a matter of speculation at this point.

Meanwhile, parliament has been adjourned until 2pm on Wednesday November 26, 2014.