This post is an edited version of this post from the Vanuatu Indigenous Watch blog.

The leader of the opposition, Moana Carcasses, has claimed that government MPs have borrowed monies from him. He said that he is ready to publicize their names during the debate of  the motion to suspend him and 15 other opposition MPs this afternoon.

A source from the government has warned that Mr Carcasses should not use his parliamentary privileges to make allegations against other MPs. Instead, he must provide prove in black and white to support these allegations.

The government source said that the public should understand that Mr Carcasses is protected by his parliamentary privileges. Under these privileges he can make defamatory declarations and not be prosecuted.

The government source has further asked Mr Carcasses that, in fairness, he should provide evidence that government MPs owe him monies.

The copy of Mr Carcasses’ request to bank on 29 October and the bank transfer on 30 October is public knowledge in Port Vila.