This post is an edited version of this post from the Vanuatu Indigenous Watch blog.

Vanuatu's Prime Minister, Honorable Joe Natuman
Vanuatu’s Prime Minister, Honorable Joe Natuman

The motion of no confidence against prime minister, Joe Natuman, is now scheduled to be debated in parliament on Monday next week. The office of the speaker said yesterday that the motion is in order and has been listed to be debated on the afternoon of Monday, December 1, 2014.

The leader of the opposition, Moana Carcasses deposited the motion last Friday.

In the meantime, Mr Carcasses remains suspended from parliament (as of Tuesday, November 25 2014), along with 15 other MPs from the opposition side over allegations of breach of the Leadership Code.

Mr Carcasses said this morning that he will challenge their suspension in court. However, if the current political situation remains until Monday next week, the motion against Mr Natuman will not have sufficient number to be voted by the parliament.

Following the suspension of the 16 opposition MPs yesterday, only 6 opposition MPs remain in the house, a stark contrast to the government’s 30 MPs supporting the Prime Minister, Honorable Joe Natuman.