Vanuatu’s Parliament will resume at 2pm with a full house. All MPs from both sides of the house will be present, after Justice Saksak Oliver ruled in favor of Moana Carcasses & co. – effectively nullyfying the suspension of Carcasses and his troupe.

The Prime Minister and his government bloc successfully suspended 16 opposition MPs, including the leader Moana Carcasses, from parliament on November 25 on allegations of bribery.

Consequently Mr Carcasses challenged the validity of their suspension in court and was handed a favorable verdict this morning by Justice Oliver Saksak, citing that the reason for suspension was unconsitutional. His bloc is expected to be in the house as parliament resumes this afternoon at 2pm.

One matter of importance that will be debated, and voted upon this afternoon at 4pm, is the motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister, Hon Joe Natuman. This motion was launched by Moana Carcasses before his suspension, along with the cohort of 15 MPs alleged to have been bribed by him.

Now that Mr Carcasses is free to re-enter parliament with his 15 MPs, the opposition’s numbers has risen from 6 to 22 MPs. The government of Honorable Joe Natuman has the support of 30 MPs as a majority.