Leinaigis is busy caring for her baby when we stumble across her house with an ADRA filtration bag hanging out the front.  We ask her if we can talk to her and she warmly invites us into her front veranda.

“I used to collect my water from the river, and then boil it,” she tells us.  “But now even that, as well as the water tank is contaminated.”

So when she was given an ADRA filtration bag, she was both interested and unsure.

“I had no idea what it was, but after the explanation it became clear.”

“Now the water is much better than from the tank, it tastes better, and is much cleaner.”

“It is a good water source and it keeps me and my family healthy.”

“It helps me a lot because my children, they can’t get disease.”

“If I didn’t have the filter, I would have to use the tanks,” she says.

Source: ADRA Vanuatu/Media Production, Vanuatu Mission

Photo Credit: Jean Pierre Niptik/ADRA Vanuatu