A riveting video of resilience!

Students from Tamua Primary School in Labultamata village in the northern shores of Pentecost Island in Penama Province, gave up one day of school, after Severe Tropcial Cyclone Pam had waned, to rebuild their classroom. Strong winds from Cyclone Pam had destroyed their classroom and it needed to be rebuilt.

Tyler Logan, an expatriate volunteer teacher at Tamuu Primary School was on hand to film the occasion on a mobile phone. Featured in this video is the head teacher’s house which was being used as a classroom.

“Instead of school this day, we all went into the bush to collect bamboo and the leaves.” The bamboos were used as rafters while the leaves (natangura leaves in this case) were used as thatch.

Mr Logan was evacuated to Port Vila from Labultamata as TC Pam was making its way towards Pentecost. He returned to Labultamata to help the communities and particularly his students in the repairs and rebuilding of damaged houses.

“From here the students and myself went through and worked on this roof as well as others in the village.” In total the team of one expatriate volunteer teacher and his students were able to mend 5 traditional Labultamata houses.

Readers from North Pentecost can recognize the vernacular being used in the video and be able to understand the calls and dialogs being exchanged among the children as they work together to put up the roof. The community spirit (discussed in this post) instilled at birth is in full display here as kids who understand resilience, rally together to restore their lives back to normal, spurred on by their expat teacher, Tyler Logan.

The students of Tamua Primary School are mostly pre-teen youth but worked together with so much coordination and gusto. Here indeed is a lesson from which the world of technology and consumerism can learn.

Story and Video Source: Tyler Logan