Paul Soane, the resident layperson at Takara village, North of Efate, received 5 bags containing 20 parcels of clothing and other household goods from the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Community Services Department which is looked after by Ps Dorolyn Laloyer. This comes as part of the department’s efforts in meeting the needs of communities that require the help.

In true Vanuatu community spirit, Layman Soane said he will visit the homes of the five chiefs of Takara first to present them with their parcels before visiting the homes of their villagers.

Mr Soane has stories of his own experiences about Cyclone Pam and is more than willing to share it with anyone who wishes to ask him. He has been the target of ridicule and assault several times because of his Christian beliefs in the Takara community, however that has not vexed his love for the people of Takara village.

We wish Mr Soane well in his relief work with the people of Takara village.