Vanuatu’s dirty politics just might cause havoc in the Joe Natuman led coalition that is currently in government. This time the dirt is coming from the opposition bloc.

Ironically, in his attempt to smear dirt on the Prime Minister in his efforts to bring relief supplies to the scattered isles of Vanuatu, the Leader of Opposition, Mr Moana Carcases has inadvertently thrown the dirt upwind and is clawing the air for excuses to wipe his eyes with.

There is rumored to be a motion of no confidence making the rounds, seeking support from both sides of the house. The reasoning? Well it appears that PM Natuman is too human for Carcases and his cronies, and is required to be a superhero flying hither and yon, using his superpowers to deliver relief supplies to people in the affected areas scattered around Vanuatu.

Outrageous isn’t it? Well, the motion has been around for two weeks now so we can all rest assured that it’s not gonna evolve into parliament.

Government supporters are disgusted at Carcases’ sudden interest in the relief efforts – waiting 14 days before deciding to do anything. It is rather appalling to think that the opposition bloc, instead of being active in the relief efforts from March 13, had to wait for so long and then suddenly jumping into the spotlight, playing dirty politics.

Carcases needs his numbers, but the country needs their government. At such a time as this, no one wants to hear about political wrangling! Everyone is in resilient mode and should Carcases want to play dirty now, he just might not be in politics when elections come around in 2016.